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Slow Down: Improve Your Erection And Stamina

So many sexual encounters begin quickly and quite frantically, and end pretty much the same. This isn’t a new thing, and it’s something that is experienced by both new lovers and those who have been together for years. However, as we age and/or become used to each other, those frantic encounters can have a negative impact on your erection.

Get the erection you deserve

This article isn’t about getting an erection. Although massage during an intimate encounter in a safe, relaxed environment with your escort can help considerably in this area, there are a number of genuine medical conditions that would need to be investigated with erectile dysfunction as well as psychological symptoms. This article concerns itself with the potency of your erection.

Light and gentle touches allow the penis to become greater aroused over a longer time, whereas quickly performing a sexual act sometimes doesn’t allow for a full and lasting erection. Once erection is achieved through an erotic massage it is strong and lasting. Why else can it last so long? It’s the techniques of the massage that allow for this to happen. And once you become aware of this and have more and more massages, this will easily translate to your intimate relations with sexual partners and masturbation.

Breathing is key

Whilst continued erotic massage will help you become so much more aware of your sexual performance and just what turns you on, learning to control your breathing like your escort will help even more. Learn to slow your breathing as you approach moments of high sexual pleasure, in the same way as you would control your breathing during periods of great stress and anxiety. This will enable you to maintain and hold back your inevitable climax.

Synchronise with your escort

Once you master your breathing and you are aware of your own orgasm, you will be able to better control it. It won’t happen overnight, it’s going to take some time as you grow more aware of what your escort does for you. If you can hold back your orgasm with focused breathing and control, you can in theory climax on demand.

This will allow you to focus on when your escort is approaching her climax. As she builds to her climax, you can quicken your breathing and make it more intense and allow yourself to release. This is much more satisfying way of having intercourse with your escort, and even better if he or she is also focused in the same way as you are. You know it’s not unusual for an escort and client to indulge in a mutually benefical erotic massage. You can both benefit from the techniques you learn there.

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